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PDR helps you locate the numerous sources of occupational stress.

All assessments, evaluations, presentations and events are conducted by doctoral level professionals in a non-threatening, dignified, growth-oriented manner. 

Mismanaged stress problems can cost dearly in lost productivity, health care costs and worker compensation.

Simple surveys and observations are often inadequate measures of employee attitude and morale. 

When good employees leave, they often go to competitors.

Employees with high levels of stress:
  • Suffer stress-related medical problems more often
  • Think about quitting more frequently
  • Experience burnout on the job
PDR uses theory and research validated tools to determine:

Role Demands - Interpersonal Stressors - Environmental Demands - Work/Family Conflict

Occupational stress programs are available as presentations, workshops, individual and group coaching and group or individual assessments.
PDR provides:
  • Theoretical understanding of workplace stress.
  • Assessment of the "new stress"; balancing home and work to fulfill one's potential.
  • Objective methods for addressing job burnout.
  • Knowledge of individual styles that contribute to career and personal harmony.
  • Non-threatening, face-saving programs that facilitate communication and creativity.
  • PDR uses Ph.D.-level, licensed psychologists using scientifically validated tools.


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