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PDR provides you with the tools to effectively assess and manage conflict occurring among all levels of the organization.

All assessments, evaluations, presentations and events are conducted by doctoral level professionals in a non-threatening, dignified, growth-oriented manner.

Conflict among individuals, teams or departments results in wasted managerial time, poor decision making, incomplete problem solving, lower trust and decreased productivity.

Conflict management requires a multidisciplinary approach employing a variety of assessments and interventions for individuals and groups. 

PDR provides strategically structured, non-threatening process groups and workshops that provide unifying interactions among  individuals, teams and departments.

Leadership and group style assessments can enhance communication and avoid common managerial pitfalls.
Once identified, the stages of conflict escalation can be analyzed to facilitate the most appropriate de-escalation protocol based on your organization's culture, demands and department style.

In order to remain competitive, organizations must learn to deal with conflict quickly and effectively.  PDR will assist you in employing research-validated programs of evaluation, analysis and intervention.
PDR provides:
  • Theoretical understanding of conflict development.
  • Objective methods for uncovering sources of conflict.
  • Deeper and more fundamental understanding of organizational values and beliefs.
  • Non-threatening, face-saving interventions that facilitative cooperation and communication.


Conflict management programs are available as presentations, workshops, individual and group coaching and group or individual assessments.
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