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PDR provides its customers with knowledge of the mechanics and psychology of organizational change. Through assessment tools and proper evaluation, the nature of the change process unfolds. Interventions are implemented on the basis of data, theory and culture.

All assessments, evaluations, presentations and events are conducted by doctoral level professionals in a non-threatening, dignified, growth-oriented manner.

For mergers, downsizing and change:

PDR provides evaluation, analysis and skill development.

PDR employs growth-oriented  programs and one-on-one coaching.

Successful integration of corporate values depends on proper assessment, analysis and training.

During change, clear knowledge of managerial roles is essential to success.

Managers can learn to recognized the phases of transition and avoid the common pitfalls.  

Managers can develop skills to control the process, manage individuals and lead teams.

Successful interventions integrate individual talents and organizational culture.

Critical thinking, planning and work habits are impacted during change. Interpersonal and organizational dynamics can be evaluated. Team readiness can be assessed, evaluated and enhanced.


Change management programs are available as presentations, workshops and coaching.
PDR provides:
  • Individual and team assessment.
  • Respect for individuality and cultural demands.
  • Communication training for leaders and managers.
  • Culture assessment and congruence training.
  • Objective methods employing key principles of change management.
  • The theoretical understanding to empower people through organizational change.
  • Non-threatening, face-saving interventions that facilitate the four phases of transition.


Organizations are ever changing. When organizational change is handled well, additional job loss, demoralization, decreased cooperation, anxiety, absenteeism and mistakes are minimized.

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