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Through its breadth of knowledge, PDR is a unique consulting firm that takes pride in its customized services to businesses large and small.

Using scientifically based techniques and customized protocols, PDR helps impact the bottom line by actively developing untapped leadership potential. Individuals make informed decisions that reflect the culture they strive for when their human capital challenges are objectively evaluated. Groups achieve their desired results with proper analysis and companionate interventions.

Dr. Ian Glickman

Professional Development Resources, Inc. serves a variety of clients including Fortune 500 companies and the US government. PDR director Dr. Ian Glickman is a licensed psychologist and an adjunct professor of conflict resolution and adult assessment at Immaculata University. Dr Glickman earned his master's degree in Counseling and Human Development at the University of Iowa and his doctorate at Lehigh University. He studied extensively in Asia and Europe and earned his bachelors degree in creative intelligence from Maharishi European Research University.  Dr. Glickman has participated in conflict resolution projects nationally and internationally and has worked extensively on emerging technologies for leadership development. In addition to being a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, Dr. Glickman is the chairperson of the Pennsylvania committee for stress free schools. He is an authority on creative intelligence and has written and lectured broadly on human potential, job stress and organizational change management.

Dr. Ian Glickman

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